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Monday, October 10, 2005 Everything Is Coming Up Roses....I Mean Lemons!

It worked, It worked! I don't know which one did the job, but something did. I can no longer smell that...errrr....smell from the drain. I used a combination of all of the advice I was given.

I used half of the lemons, then made a paste with the baking soda and poured it in to set all night. Then this morning, I poured the viniger (I couldn't resist the science experiment...it was awsome). Then poured boiling water to make sure the baking soda paste was washed out of the pipes. And finished but grinding the rest of the lemons down the disposal.

So now, I have the best smelling drain on the block...LMAO, a dream come true! BTW my friends, I didn't use the miniral spirits, I figured I would be taking my life in my own hands with that one.

So to my Domestic Divas:

Dirty Butter
Miss Jessica & Sheri
Thank You!

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