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Monday, October 10, 2005 Mobile Computing???? Me????

As many of you may know, my husband is the computer geek from jkOnTheRun. He is a Microsoft Tablet MVP-yes, he's really serious about this. Being the computer illiterate wife that I am, I usually get his hand-me-downs. Keep in mind, hand-me-downs usually means a four or five year old computer that runs, but not necessarily runs well! That's OK, because, well, I guess I really don't have a huge desire to be on a computer after sitting in front of one all day at work! I use it to check my email and occasionally look up something on the internet. Then one day, I got this fabulous idea to start blogging. I shared this idea with SuZan, and before I could figure out what had happened, "Celebrating Women" was born! Suddenly, I was faced not only with needing a better computer, but one that was more, well-mobile! In April my husband purchased his HP Tablet PC. He also has purchased all the bells and whistles that go along with it. I was very jealous of his ability to easily be connected and able to work just about anywhere. I, on the other hand, was tethered to my turtle of a computer at my desk.

Recently, my husband took possession of a brand new Gateway Tablet PC. My first thought-yes, I get the HP! Bwahaha! I'm going to be mobile!

**The first picture is what my computer looks like as a slate which I can write on with the stylus. The second picture is what it looks like making the transition from slate to more of a laptop setting. The final picture is what it looks like with it set up and the keyboard functional. Note-the keyboard comes off or can be folded under the screen when in "slate" mode. When the keyboard is removed, the "slate" is very light.

My wonderful husband got the HP all ready for me. He wiped the hard drive, did a software reload, and transferred all of my info to it! He was so excited and wanted to show me how everything worked. Unfortunately, this past week was the week from Hell. Between work, kids and homework, and a homecoming to prepare for, I don't even think I checked my email until last night! I think my husband thought I didn't like it! In actuality, I'm a little afraid of it!

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I'm looking forward to getting to know my new tablet and the freedom of mobile computing. He also got me this fancy memory card reader for my digital camera. Yeah, it's still in the package. I'm hoping to get that connected this week. Be prepared for many posts and pictures dealing with my new toy as well as other posts that may be coming fast and furious now that I'm mobile!

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