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Tuesday, October 11, 2005 Way Back Wednesday

Today is "Way Back Wednesday" at Mama Ducks. This week is "Homecoming".

Hey-I'm playing this week. OK, so I'm cheating a little, but I'm still playing! See, I don't have many pictures of my growing up years as there were a lot of "issues" when my mom died. It seems one sibbling took everything regardless of who they belonged to to get back at the other sibling. I'm kind of in the middle. Anyway, my teenagers just had their homecoming this past weekend! Yes, my son is a football player. No, my daughter doesn't cheer or participate in brigade; she plays soccer! I wish I would have gotten a better pictures of her fabo calves!


The making of the mum & garder

The finished product

Picture on the above is my daughter & Oreo her dog. She is wearing the mum her date bought her. On the right below is my son with the garder his date bought him. Then you see my big and little boy together. They love each other so much. They wear their "fluff" to school the Friday of the "big game", the day before the dance.

My Son and daughter before they met up with their friends. Obviously not happy to be posing together.

My daughter with "the girls". She's in the brown & pink.

My daughter with the group. Note the distance my daughter puts between her & her date. She really didn't like him, but he asked and she didn't want to hurt his feelings.

My son with his date. Did you notice her dress is exactly the same cut, style & designer as my daughter's, just a different color? They look cute together, but they really are just friends.

This is the group my son went with. You see the girl in the hot pink gown standing in front of my son's date? That's his ex. I noticed that wherever my son was standing for pictures, she was there! Grrrr.

This is his group when they all rebelled and said "no more pictures". They have hung out together for the past three years. My how they have grown!

One last picture. My son coordinated the attire for the men for the evening. We dubbed them "the mem in black". They all found ties to match their dates' dress. Yes, a politician in the making that son of mine!

Did you play? Let us know!

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