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Saturday, October 15, 2005 My Favorite Type of Housework!

Any one that knows me, knows that I am NOT a Domestic Diva (I proved that with my drain delima). As a matter of fact, I would rather work outside the home and hire a maid to clean, than do it myself. However there is a type of housework that I just LOVE to do.

This summer we had our air conditioner replaced, inside and out. When they put in the new thermostat, it didn’t cover the area of the old one. It has been bothering me so I decided it was time to address. I have practically retextured all wall surfaces in the house with joint compound. It’s cheap, it’s forgiving, and you can do so much with it.

So I started by filling in the area with the joint compound and let it dry. Now in the hallway I had lightly sanded the walls after I put on the texture but I got it on smooth enough to just go with it. After it dried, I just touched it up with the paint color and again let it dry.

And then comes the fun part, the faux finish (Big G just hates the word “faux”). I use a mocha colored glaze and wet my rag, put on a dab (hmmmm…..precise measurements), and then dab the rag since I am only doing a small patch.

Ta-Da…Patch is finished and you would never know that there was a patch job done.

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