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Sunday, October 23, 2005 Getting Ready For Christmas

During recent visits with family and friends, I've noticed similar reactions when you bring up the subject of the holidays. For instance, for Thanksgiving one family member stated that they were going to visit another who lost both her son and husband in one year and has been a bit down in the dumps. The thought was, it would be more fun to visit with a family member in mourning than to spend it with another family member and that part of the family. Then the subject of Christmas came up. It was met with a unison sound of groans amongst all. I complained of not looking forward to getting out the decorations and then putting them away (I actually had a dream that I was putting them away but couldn't remember getting them out). Then of course was the issue of finances. How much is wasted on needless stuff that would be forgotten. Of course, not only is there concern about wastefulness, but also the concern of having enough to buy what everyone wants! Finally, the topic of family visits and the dread associated with that.

Has society in general lost the true meaning of Christmas? How did something that was so magical when we were kids become something dreaded as adults?

Is anyone else experiencing the dread of the approaching holidays?

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