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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 Um, Yeah! I Think The Ghosts Got My Computer!

All righty then. A little help please. Anyone? Anyone? Yeah! OK! Here's the scoop.

I'm working on my computer and go to pull up a file from my directory on the server. I'm scrolling, scrolling......Holy Smokes-What the f***? I notice a document that I did in Excel has multiplied....as a Word document! I check out the properties and notice it's a temp file. Not unusual, but 150 of them? Now, I was just in this directory on Friday, believe me, these docs weren't there. So, I check out the properties, all created on different days dating back to the beginning of October. I open the documents. Each one was blank! I'm still not too concerned, until I go to delete the files and a message pops up "THAT MY ACCESS HAS BEEN DENIED". "Um, excuse me Mr. Computer (yes, I've decided my computer is of the male species), HOW can I be denied? I am the administrator and all. My God, without me Mr. Computer, you would be nothing but a bunch of parts!" Well, I give the computer the benefit of the doubt and think it may have something to do with me trying to delete a file on the server from my work station. I log onto the server (AGAIN WITH ADMIN RIGHTS) and try to delete the files. Here is the scary part-I CAN'T DELETE FROM THE SERVER EITHER...AND....(gulp, deep breath) THE FILES HAVE MULTIPLIED!!! There are hundreds of them!

Yikes-does anyone else think that our server may have been infected with a virus? If so, any idea as to which one and what the fix is? Also, why just my files?

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