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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 School's Out For Summer....Uh Huh!

Yes! It's the last day of school. I think my favorite days during the school year are the first day of the school year, the day before Christmas break, and the last day! I feel such a sense of accomplishment on that last day. I look forward to the break of waking up sleepy heads, the breakfast rush, car pools, projects, homework, social schedules that need mom for transportation, emotional breakdowns due to whatever, etc., etc., etc.

Along those same lines, my daughter (15) didn't have to go to school today because she was done with finals. Last night when I told her I was going to bed she said "so, what am I supposed to do tomorrow since you have to work?" Then she got mad because no one would be here to transport her or entertain her! She said she can't wait for summer school to start on June 5th (she's taking extra classes so she can take college courses her senior year)! I comment often as to her being "A chip off the old block" and like me in so many ways. This ain't one of them!

My boys on the other hand-they're planning to sleep to 12:00, then eat, then take a nap, then eat again! Maybe hang out with their friends, then go to sleep and start the cycle all over.

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