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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 My Handsome Little Man!

Him & his date!

All right, maybe he's not so little anymore, but he's still my man! My son M had to wear a tux for his first formal. The event was the "Brigade Ball", and I must say that the girls and their parents did a fantastic job of putting this together. My son had a blast! This group goes together to all of the events. My son has dated, hmm, I guess three of the girls in this group. His date for this event was strictly a friend. In fact, she kind of gets on everyone's nerves, but my son never wants to hurt anyone's feelings. He told me he was hoping to go with another one of the girls, but when she asked, he didn't want to hurt her feelings. What a good son! Enjoy!

Waiting to go.

Plotting with the guys!

Did you notice-M is the only one in white. He planned it that way.

Three of the girls he's taken to events.

The girls showing their legs!

P.S. He won "The most muscular" for the junior boys. He got up and strutted his stuff!

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