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Saturday, January 28, 2006 New Year's Resolutions-Did Ya Keep Em?

So here's my list that I published before New Year's Day. I've read that January 24th is the "Most Depressing Day of The Year" as the holidays are over, the bills are coming in and we've broken most of our resolutions. Perfect time to go back and review, check off what I've accomplished, and work on what I haven't. Remember, your resolutions are for a YEAR, not a few days. How are YOU doing with YOUR resolutions?

1…. I resolve to give 100% of myself to whatever I'm doing. I want to be a better wife, mother, sister, friend, employee.

Hubs will have to answer this one. I'm trying.

2....I will organize my cabinets and pantry by the end of January (if I don't give myself a deadline, it won't get done)

Well, they say pictures are worth a thousand words. I took the picture posted at the end of the post this morning. You decide.

3....I will be more digital - that doesn't make sense to many unless you know my husband and saw all of the "toys" (mind out of the gutter, not those kind of toys...although....) that I'm blessed to have and are basically sitting and collecting dust!

Again-I'm trying. I have downloaded and posted pictures from my digital camera. I need to do better about actually taking pictures. I'm bad about that. I am currently sitting at my laptop, using my dual monitor to post, check email, and download stuff from the camera. The dual monitors come in very handy for this. I am listening to my IPod while doing all of this. I even created a "Play List" in ITunes. Now I have to figure out why my Ipod isn't syncing.

4....I will download the pics from my new digital camera more frequently than, um, let's not go there.

See comment above.

5....I will organize said downloaded pictures!

Honestly, I'm to anal to NOT organize them. Yup, everything tucked nicely into categorized folders.

6....I will make more time for myself and feel less guilty about doing so. (Yeah, add this to the list of resolutions most likely to be broken).

OOO, better work on that one!

7....I will hold hands and cuddle with my husband when we are together (all you people who don't like public displays of affection-sorry)

Yeah, not doing so good with this one either!

8....I will slow down and smell the roses!

Nope-no roses yet.

9....I will take a fabo vacation at some point during the year (without my kids) and not feel guilty about it.

Ahem. Cough. Yeah.

10..I will put money into my savings each payday (and try not to take it out before the next payday)

Score on this one! Been putting money in each payday (including December 31st) and haven't taken any out!

11...I will get the wheels turning on a new project that I have churning in my brain. Nope, can't tell you what it is yet!

The more I think about this project, the more I'm talking myself out of it. I have come up with a thousand excuses as to why this isn't a good time. I need to just DO IT! I will work on it.

12...I will attempt to make better food choices on a regular basis

Actually, so far so good. Down 5.5 lbs. and making much better food choices.

13...Saved the best for last.....I will join the new gym being built by my house as soon as it opens. I will then go to said gym at least 3 times per week!

Been checking the web every week waiting for the pre-sale information. I'm going to do this!

All in all, not too bad. I will work on the others. Oh, and here's the picture. Yeah, guess you all know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

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