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Monday, January 23, 2006 HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY BABY BOY!

Unfortunately this is a belated birthday wish, G2’s birthday was last week but we all know that blogging (as much as we all enjoy it) has to come second to life.

This year you turned 17. WOW……17! It is still so hard to believe. It seems just yesterday that you were a tot. Cutting your own hair before a special occasion; painting (with black paint) in the living room while your dad and I were still asleep (spilling it and trying to clean it up); and then there was the time when you decided to hatch an egg in your room, you hid it well, but the smell gave you up.

It has been a joy raising you and it blows me away that next year you will be able to vote and begin life as an adult. It all went so fast. I do want you to know my son, how very proud I am of you. You have turned out to be kind, loving and fairly balanced (I say fairly because of your obsession with U of M…we are still puzzled).

Representative Riddle, Governor Perry & G2


Always be yourself and never change for anyone,

because who you are is absolutely incredible…

I love you son!
Go over to G2's blog and wish him a Happy (belated) Birthday

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