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Monday, January 09, 2006 So I Had Major Mommy Melt Down Yesterday

I sure hope I'm not alone. But, yesterday I hit the point of "no more!" No more dishes, cleaning, dogs, kids, cooking, bill paying, blogging, nothing! I had a major melt down. I feel bad that I didn't handle things better, but sometime emotions are very hard to control.

See, here's the thing. The build up actually started before Christmas. I felt like everything, every possible thing that involved Christmas fell into my lap. Then, we have the after Christmas crap with my sister, who gets very depressed during the holidays. She comes and stays with us every year, has her own melt down, tells everyone how unhappy and miserable she is, how much she hates Houston, etc., then doesn't understand why I'm thinking about booking a cruise and leaving for the holidays next year. I'm her only family, so I feel like I have to let her come. I want her to come. But now that my kids are getting older, they don't understand why she comes around if all of this makes her so unhappy. I kid you not, when she was yelling at Apple Computer, she told the guy, "You'll just have to forgive me, I hate the holidays, I hate where I'm at, I hate Houston!" Do you know how hard it was for me to not say "Then get the Hell out of my house!"

After the holidays, the schools don't really give you a chance to fall back into routine slowly. No, they come up and whack you in the face with you gotta do this, have this, be here, be there. I have three kids that seem to have to be three different places at once! Yeah, just call me the poster child for birth control!

Then there's my job. I handle all of the accounting. The end of our fiscal year also happens to be the end of the calendar year. Joy, joy, joy! Not only to I have my regular month end shit to do, I have year end shit to do while using an ancient accounting system. The man I work for doesn't want to understand why everything isn't done---YESTERDAY!

I work full time. I walk in the door every night & cook dinner or stress about what I can pick up that everyone likes, fits our budget, and fits into the schedule. I do the dishes. I make sure homework is done. I write the checks to pay the bills. I do the laundry. I clean the house. I do the grocery shopping. I go to all (or as many as possible) of my kids events. I do all of the yard work. I usually handle this, no problem. But yesterday, my kids said some hurtful things and that was it! The straw that broke the camel's back! Melt down city! I was to the point of getting into my car, driving far, far away, with no intention what so ever of coming back.

Don't get me wrong. I have a wonderful husband that puts up with A LOT! But he was raised in a home, with a mother who didn't work and did EVERYTHING! Please know that he has never complained about anything not getting done. Unfortunately, all of this stress is pretty much self-induced.

Now that my therapy session is over, I guess I'll get back to the grind stone. Thank you for listening!

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