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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 I think my cat needs therapy

Mercedes has had a difficult holiday season. She has had challange after challange thrown at her left and right. The first insult was that we dogsat again for six days over the Christmas holiday. Needless to say...she was NOT happy.

Riley just made himself at home since he had been here before. He also remembered to stay away from that cranky cat.

Funny how this is the look on her face, every time she would look at Riley. I think it is safe to say that she was not a "happy camper".

We can't forget the constant stand offs that would take place. They both did better this visit and would at least stand five feet from each other. As if this whole senario wasn't bad enough, the day after the dog left, G2 and I went on our road trip. She hates suitcases and kept crawling in and out of mine.

So you would think that things calmed down after our return. Not really, cats hate fireworks. We think she hid under our bed during the festivities, but we are not sure. She finally appeared on Sunday. Since all of this torture, she has been sleeping A LOT. Does anyone know of a good pet therapist?

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