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Saturday, December 31, 2005 ROAD TRIP and BACK!

I’m so glad we made this trip, we had a blast. The game was unbelievable (even though Michigan lost…it was still a great game). The atmosphere was awesome, and even though Texas is so totally into football, we cannot hold a candle to the devotion of these two teams. I went to SMU (back when they had a great football team) and I have never experienced this!

I think that I can fit into a U of M game now. I heard “Hail To The Victors” so many times that I have the tune and the arm movements down to a tee. Not to mention all the other yells they do with the band at the games. My only complaint is that Michigan fans DON’T SIT DOWN. So we were standing there for four hours during the whole game.

This really was a “dream come true” for G2. Just looking at him you would never know that he was born in Texas and has never lived anywhere but Texas (where did we go wrong?....LOL….just kidding).

This is how close we were to the band (Sheri…I bet your experiencing a little déjà vu). We actually were in the wrong seats and we were a little further from them (thank goodness).

We did have to do the tourist thing while we were there. Visits to the Alamo and ride on the river walk were a must.

The weather was just perfect for this trip (mid 70’s and sunny). The city of San Antonio did an outstanding job hosting the Bowl Game. Everything was in walking distance, and they even blocked off traffic before and after the game so that you could get to your hotel quickly.

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