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Friday, December 30, 2005 Federal Express & Apple Computer - Ugh!

Dear Apple Computer & Federal Express:

First of all, I want to thank you for making my Christmas "interesting". You see, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas at my house if there wasn't some circumstance that would cause my sister to have a melt down. Well, you certainly succeeded. I'm not saying that her frustration wasn't warranted with either one of you because, well, you both fucked up!

Apple, when someone special orders a computer costing over $2000 and has it shipped to a different address than the billing address, and this happens before Christmas, you may want to pay a little more attention to detail. I feel that technically, the owness of this situation falls on you as, the computer was ordered from you, you collected the money, and you chose the carrier by which to ship said computer. You should be very ashamed of yourself for not taking this matter more seriously. According to my sister, Apple makes the best computers and operating platforms available. I will not get to experience this because, due to your complete incompetence, my sister rightfully cancelled her order! Ha!

Now, Federal Express, wipe that smile off of your face. You are just as much at fault as Apple. When you are given the responsibility to deliver a machine valued at over $2000, you may want to take a little more pride and care in doing so. You see, the package in question has been tracked, and tracked, and tracked again. You said you were busy (by the way, that's not our problem), and that said computer was on a truck in Houston, and would be delivered either Friday, 12/23 or Saturday 12/24 - GUARANTEED! Well, after my family was inconvenienced, plans changed, etc., we made sure that someone was at the house both days waiting for this GUARANTEED delivery. Here's the good part! We can track activity of the package up to the 24th, then, NOTHING!!!! As far as I'm concerned, this is complete incompetence on your part! Shame, shame, shame. Oh, but it gets better. When a customer service supervisor got involved all she had to say was "Hm, for some reason they are not answering the phone in Houston. I'll have to check on it tomorrow." When asked what time her call could be expected we were told "Well, I don't come in until 11:00 and then I have other work that needs to be taken care of. I can't promise you as to when you will be contacted!" Shame on you Federal Express! You never tell a customer that you have OTHER WORK!

Not that either of you care what I write about you on this little blog, but I feel much better getting all of this out! My hope is that somehow, when someone either Googles Apple or Federal Express, maybe our little blog will come up!

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!


A very dissatisfied customer

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