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Friday, January 06, 2006 Teenagers Learning To Drive

Here's a snippet of the conversation in the car last night while my teenage son who just got his permit a few weeks ago was driving and I was, um, err, well, here it is.

"Son, watch your right. You're drifting."

No response.

"You're drifting again. You will drift in the direction that your looking. Try to find the center of the lane, focus on it and line it up with the center of the car."

No response.

"Can you tell where the center of the lane is? See how it's darker in the center. The center of my car is kind of where the wind shield wipers meet."

Son says "Huh. I know what I'm doing."

"Son, you really need to stay in the center. You're about to hit the car in the other lane!"

"Why do people keep saying I'm drifting to the right?!? I know what I'm doing. Just leave me alone!"

As we pull onto the street that's not so busy that leads into my subdivision, I noticed that we were drifting. I thought to myself that, if he does drift he won't do much more than scrape the tire along the curb. Suddenly "Bump, chug, bang, whip lash!"

"Son, do you see why we keep telling you that you were drifting to the right?"

His response: "Wow. Why did they make the curb stick so far out?!?" "Good thing I wasn't changing the radio station when that happened!"


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