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Monday, January 22, 2007 Monday Recap

Well, it turned out to be a busy weekend. Big G went on a "survival" campout so a girly night was in order. It turned out to be Carrie, Sheri and I but it was fun.

Sheri was set loose to make the drinks again; even Carrie's eyes widened/watered when she tried one. My inner pyro was so disapointed, because of the rain, we had to abandon the fire pit idea (darn it).

After Carrie left, Sheri hijacked my computer. Here she is having three IM conversations (I think she's hooked).

On Sunday we had a family dinner to celebrate Gary's 18th birday and look who he brought:

This is the first time we have met her and I must say she was brave, coming and meeting us, his aunt and unckle, his grandmother and family friends. G2 does have good taste in women don't you think?

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