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Friday, January 12, 2007 Stuff Portrait Friday!

OK, so we have another week with no SPF assignment. TKW is going to go nuts having to think of things to ramble on and on and on about (she said it...not me). So, she is unofficially (and completely without permission) hi-jacking SPF this week. Her assignment….should we choose to accept it is:

1. A houseplant (or something of similar intelligence)
2. Something you secretly enjoy but bitch about anyway
3. Something gross...the grosser the better, I say...

This is my one and only living plant in the house. As much as I have abused it, it lives on. Poor plant has to droop all it’s leaves before it hits me that I do need to water it from time to time. When it’s nice and hydrated it looks great.

(but bitch about anyway)
Oh that has to be Zeus. He keeps trying to get at Mercedes’ litter box and picking out some h'orderves. He is soooooooo smart, and yet, he eats cat poo.


Oh that would be said litter box. I need to get one like Carries' (her cats'....STOP IT) that will clean itself. Now we all know that TKW will be able to top us all with the "Something Gross" pictures. We all know she has dirty diaper pictures...I've seen them!


Since this week is National De-lurking week, feel free to de-lurk and say "hi!"


So tell us…did you play?


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