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Saturday, January 06, 2007 2006 Blog Pick of the Year

The ramblings of an often mad woman who was ripped from beautiful Austin
and dragged, kicking and screaming, to big haired and shiny shoed Dallas. Lord, help us.
The votes are in, competition was brutal, but in the end Kami's votes topped the chart with a whopping 35% of the votes. I must say that we were impressed with all the ladies and their tactics for "getting out the vote" (we learned a thing or two ourselves).
If you would like to see our write up of "The Dallas Ks" when we announced that Kami's site was our Blog Pick of the Month for February 2006, go HERE.

Honorable Mention

Missing J.T. Snow - 14% of the votes

Rant N' Ravin Heaven - 10% of the votes

Southern Fried Girl - 9% of the votes


So Kami, by popular vote…

for your talent, humor and attitude:

Celebrating Women Celebrate You!

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