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Friday, December 22, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!

This week Kristine is still in the closet so Shaun is taking over.

You need an assignment, without one you’re bumming.
Your hostess is curled in the closet, near dead
While visions of laptops dance in her head (fucking H.P).
When all of a sudden, on Random and Odd,
A substitute teacher, an obvious fraud (or hero who saves old asian ladies, whichever you choose to call me).
I’ll be nice for Kristine, and all of you whiners
Who aren’t professional photographers or graphic designers.
OK, this poem sucks. It ends here.
Your assignment, should you choose to accept:

1. One decoration.
2. One gift.
3. Something stuffed in a stocking.

This is the new one for this year. G2's last Christmas as a child and a Senior in High School. It is hard to believe for me that next month he becomes an adult (damn I feel old)!


I picked this present because I wanted to show you the ribbon (DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME). I saw this feather ribbon in the store so I thought it would look cool. After making the bow I have about decided that it looks like something that Mercedes has regurgitated.

Don't get this...it sucks!


This one is for you Shaun! Since we have a stocking that says "Stuff it, Stuff it" I just couldn't resist. G2 is my partner in crime...hehehe.

Did you play?

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