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Thursday, December 21, 2006 A Martha Moment

Finally school is out; I got to sleep with no alarm. The agenda for today is to finish Christmas shopping and start baking. Got all the Christmas stuff up so now I can enjoy it.

I love how the tree turned out. I keep adding to it every year even though I keep thinking that I can't possibly get one more thing on it.

This was my Martha moment. I had this football nutcracker so I sanded it and turned it into a Bobcat. I thought G2 was going to think it was stupid, but he didn't and was telling me that I needed to put a stripe here, add his number there, etc.

He even wanted the 'paws' on the back of the helmet. I had to use a pencil eracer and carve out a paw and then stamp them on. Yes...a Martha moment for sure.

This was my first attempt at floral arranging. I think I surprised Big G, I know I surprised myself.

Last night we had an ornament exchange party over at Nichole's house. It is always great seeing some of the Houston blogger bitches

SuZan, Shell, Nichole, Carrie, Sheri

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