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Thursday, January 18, 2007 Back to Work - Yuck

The worse part of a snow day - going back to school/work. It's even more difficult when you hate your job and you dislike the person you work for.

My husband told me that I could quit. We would have to tighten our belts a little, but we would get by. Why don't I quit? I mean, I'm absolutely miserable. You'd think it would be easy to say "See ya" and flash them my middle finger on the way out. But it's not. Why? Here is what the little voices in my head are telling me:

"Remember when your husband was rushed to ER and they ended up having to do open heart surgery? Remember that? Remember him not being able to work for a long time, then, when finally getting back into the swing of things he was hired at about 1/3 of the salary he used to make? Yeah-and you, miss "stay at home mom", yeah, what kind of credibility did YOU have when you had to go back to work? That's right, a 50% salary cut because you hadn't been in the "work force" for a year." Why do people think staying at home and raising a family is not work?


"You have teenagers you dumb fool. Teenagers that will be starting college next year. And another the year after! What the Fluck are you thinking? Oh, that's right-you're not thinking."


"You'll have to ASK your hubs for money for ANYTHING you want to do! You are too controlling to live like that!"

See? See what I'm dealing with? All very good arguments. I know, a normal person would find a job before quitting. Here's the problem. I am very busy at work. I don't have time to search ads, submit resumes, go on interviews. That's all very time consuming. I'd like to quit first and take time to find what I want. Unfortunately, if you attempt to find a job when you are not working, you become less desirable and usually will be offered a position at a reduced salary compared to what you would have been offered if currently employed. Employers think the unemployed interviewee is desperate. If you go in and say "this is my salary range", then you are considered "cocky" and that would be the reason why you are not currently employed.

Do ya feel my pain?

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