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Wednesday, January 17, 2007 SNOW DAY!

Schools are closed. I don't have to get up and get ready and yet...I'm wide awake. That's just not right. At 6:00 am we get a recorded message from the school district that due to the inclement weather, the district is closed. That it all nice that they would do that for students and parents, but the recorded message WAS IN SPANISH! Does that mean that the district is closed only if you are Hispanic and/or bilingual? Thank goodness I speak Spanish or I might be getting ready for work.

I did go outside to see what it was like. I donned my big fluffy robe, my warm fuzzy slippers and braved the elements with camera in hand. Wouldn't you know that I got as far as my car, clicked a picture and ran back in...it is cold people.
As you can see, my car is covered in ice. This is Houston, we don't do this well.


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