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Wednesday, January 17, 2007 Snow Day...Because SFG Said So!

Did you read SuZan's post below? Funny huh! I got that call too. The bad part-by 5:50 a.m. I've already showered. Yes, I was sitting in my bath robe with wet hair yelling at the TV begging them to announce our district as one that would close! I live about 40 minutes north of where my office is located. That's north as in "it's flucking cold" north! Our high school is located ON the freeway that they were considering closing because of a 9 car and 15 car pile up on the freeway-NEAR THE SCHOOL THAT MY KIDS WERE TO DRIVE THEMSELVES TO! Right!

So the call came. Yes! Now I had to decide, do I dry my hair, get dressed and be the "dedicated employee" they think I am? Can I get a HELL NO! I really hate my job. I don't like the person I work for. He's greedy. I won't go on because you never know who may come across this blog. But, I can't like working there. That made my decision easier. I dried my hair (one must have good hair. You never know who may come to visit). I made a fresh pot of coffee. I sat my as down on the couch. I haven't moved. Well, I moved when I had to pee. SuZan called. I told her how guilty I felt for calling in and telling them I couldn't make it. I think she would have hit me over the head had she been closer!
She read SFG's comment to me. SFG told us-no housework, no nothing. Sit our asses on the sofa, eat good food, and watch movies or daytime TV. I am so good at following directions. Wanna see? Let me draw you a picture:

Old sweatshirt-no bra! Check

Old Sweatpants - no panties! Check

Laptop - Check


Warm Blankie - Check

Fire Place on - Check

Cell phone - Check


Puppy Cuddling on my feet - Check

Yup. Got all bases covered. Now, if Domino's delivers today, we will have all bases covered.
Ha, I just looked over and saw this!

Hubs and Oreo thoroughly enjoying their snow day! Classic!

I'm feeling a little bit sleeping. I think this would be an excellent time for a nap! Enjoy your day!

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