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Thursday, January 25, 2007 Update & Shit

What a busy two days. Yesterday I left work early to take my dear daughter to the ENT specialist. I don't know if you all remember, but two weeks ago she went to the doctor and had strep throat. Doctor 1 looked into daughters throat and said her tonsils were quite swollen. Daughter told them she had her tonsils out when she was four (she's 16 now). Doctor then proceeded to make weird faces and sounds and called another doctor in to look. Doctor 2 basically said "ewe, what is that!". They then called nurse to look. Pretty soon, the whole floor was coming in to look at daughter's throat. Guess what this supposed "growth" turned out to be....lingual tonsils! Ha! Apparently everyone has two sets of tonsils. The ones commonly removed starts with a P. The lingual tonsils are not easily seen as they are on the back part of the tongue. Apparently daughter has an innate ability to open her mouth wide-very wide (shut it). That with the fact that she had lingual tonsillitis made them very visible. In fact, she still has lingual tonsillitis!

What does all this shit mean? It means that daughter does not have some weird disease in her mouth and, as long as the tonsillitis clear up, she'll be fine!

First thing this morning I had to go to the endodontist to get this tooth checked out that's needed a root canal for the last 3 years (yeah, I procrastinate). Guess what, now it's not one tooth, but three! Yippee! And, he won't due them until I get a mouth guard and wear it for 2 months. Apparently I grind my teeth...a lot! Then he asked if I am stressed. Ha! What a question. Look at me, can't you tell? Guess not. So, back to dentist #1 to pay him $1000 to make my mouth guard so that I can go back to dentist 2 and pay him like a million dollars to fix my teeth.

I did get dentist #2 to laugh. On his form he has you fill out, there is a question about dental procedures and which ones you don't like and why. I answered "root canals" and for why and said "cause they cost too much"! He thought that was funny!

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