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Wednesday, June 08, 2005 Cell Phones-The Electronic Leash for Our Kids - Or Are They?

Two of my three kids have cell phones (my youngest is next on the list). I have them check in with me while they're out with their friends. Last Saturday, my oldest called and said he was at one friend's house but would be staying overnight at another friends house. I reminded him about his midnight curfew and to call me when he was at friend #2's house. At midnight he calls, from his cell phone. I hear mysterious noises that sound strangely like a party. It occurs to me that he could be calling from ANYWHERE. Out of the blue I said "OK, hon, hang up and call me from friend #2's house so I have the number on caller ID should an emergency come up." Silence on the other end. "Hello" I say. "Um, I'm not really there yet," my son says. I say "then where are you?" "I'm still at friend #1's house," he confesses. I say "I'll be there in five minutes to pick you up, you lied to me." He says "I just didn't want you to worry." I say, "honey, I'll always worry!"

Doesn't look like a cell phone is a fool proof way to keep up with our kids!

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