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Wednesday, June 08, 2005 Dell Axim and the Geek-Wanna-Be #1

It's Here! Yea! Posted by Hello

It’s here, It’s here! My new Dell Axim X50v has arrived! I had decided that all of the paper I was dealing with at work was simply ridiculous, so I set out to find a PDA that would meet my needs and fit in my purse, hence eliminating all of the notebooks I had been carrying around.

After looking at several models, talking to several sales clerks (that really didn’t have much input to my delima), I finally went to talk to JKOnTheRun. He recommended, for what I needed, the Dell Axim X50v, and since JK’s word is golden….that’s what I went with.

So here we go….Open the box….get out all the goodies…make sure that everything is there….yippie!....hmmmmmm instructions (yuck)…cradle-check….cords-check….unit-check…yep…its all here. I want to do this right so I guess I’ll have to read the directions.

Oh Crap! The unit has to charge for 8 hours before I can do anything. Sigh, stay tuned for a follow up.

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