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Wednesday, June 08, 2005 Dell Axim and the Geek-Wanna-Be #3

So Sad...lonley PDA Posted by Hello

OK….crisis over….had to call Road Runner to get my email working again…whew…talk about your communication being cut off…well (that will need to be another post). I did have to set is up in Outlook Express and not in Microsoft Outlook, I’ll have to tackle that one later.

Back to the Axim. It’s charged! It’s working, but still not synced, but it is working. I decided to check out the Axim site that Crowes recommended, to see if I could fix my problem. They have an ActiveSync Tutorial so maybe I’ll be on my way. Being the visual person I am, I went ahead and printed out the tutorial. BTW….I didn’t realize that I was printing out a Thesis!

I thought it would be time to see about the wireless keyboard that jkOnTheRun (notice …no spaces) gave me. While I am viciously digging in the junk drawer for batteries, his words are ringing through my ears “replace the batteries”…….sigh……..you know it is always something!

So now I am back to needing to get away from all of this. I need to go to the store and buy batteries and printer paper (lol….you just have to laugh at yourself).

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