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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 Almost Had a Real BANG on the 4th!

It is obvious to me that New Yorkers just don't know how to grill. As previously posted, my sister is in town from New York. Yesterday being the 4th we decided to put together a barbecue. Down in Texas we grill everything, even veggies. My sister decided to grill corn in the husk. She buttered it up, added salt and pepper, then wrapped the husks back around. I started the gas grill to get it hot then left for a few minutes to run down to the corner store and pick-up some more ice. Since the corner store is also a liquor store, I decided to get some more tequila as you just never know when you might need it. While I was gone, my sister decided to put the corn on the grill. I forgot to mention that, the husks need to be wet and the flame on the grill needed to be turned down as I figure that EVERYONE knows how to grill. As my daughter and I pull into the garage, I made a comment about an awful burning smell and the fact that some poor family was going to be enjoying burnt barbecue. As we opened the door to the kitchen, I happened to look out on the patio, I saw flames spewing from the grill! Of course, the first thing I do is open the grill. Bad idea! Oxygen was just what the fire needed to get really out of control. It was so hot that the corn was actually popping! In a panic I was trying to figure out if it would be smarter to try and remove the flaming corn, or to try to put the fire out. At least I remembered that water from the hose would probably be the worst thing to try. The grill sits on the patio near the living room window. Did it occur to me to MOVE the grill? Noooo! Did I think to turn off the flame? Noooo! Did it occur to me to turn off the propane? Noooo! Now my husband gets involved. Then the kids. Then the dogs. Pretty soon every one was running around YELLING at each other shouting directions. Eventually we all came to our senses, got the fire out, and finished cooking dinner sans the corn on the George Foreman grill.... inside where it was air conditioned! Good thing I brought the extra tequila!

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