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Monday, January 30, 2006 Does Anyone Else See A Problem With This?

OK, not exactly cleaning out my pantry, but I am so good at procrastinating. This is a good example of my procrastination skills. Instead of cleaning the pantry, I cleaned off the front porch which entailed throwing out the dead flowers that were in this planter and turning said planter into a table. See, the whole table thing - yeah, that was originally what I bought it for..... Anywho, I decided that creating the table would be much more fun than cleaning the pantry. I do have a question for you all. Why would Pier One stick a huge, yellow price tag on GLASS?!? Do they not realize that just getting out and buying the damn glass was enough effort for one day? Now I have to scrape off this sticker! Guess I won't be getting to that pantry tonight either! I did, however, just complete 45 minutes of yoga and strengthening exercise!

Any suggestion as to how to remove this stupid sticker would be appreciated. I've tried soaking it with soapy water, soaking it with Windex, and Goo Be Gone. I was thinking of using WD40, but I didn't want to ruin the glass.

See ya!

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