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Monday, January 30, 2006 ROOMBA ROCKS!

Our blogging buddies had a lot of questions about my Roomba, so I decided to write this post and hopefully answer your questions. I have had it for over a year now, and I can honestly say that it is my most favorite cleaning toy. You can purchase them at Linins & Things, and also at Bed Bath & Beyond. The cost I find reasonable (around $250 with the charger) because you would pay that and more for a decent unit. For new filters and replacement parts you can order online at irobot.com. As far as I’m concerned, for anyone who has to clean the house, and is NOT a domestic diva, you would like the Roomba vacuum by irobot. This little vacuum is wonderful especially since I have hardwoods and have a cat.

Goes under tables/ chairs and around the legs.
Roomba won't pass the virtual wall

I use it to vacuum my foyer, dinning room, living room, hallway and master bedroom (I don't dare let it go into boy's room....I don't think it would make it out alive) at the same time that I am putting things away. It does a great job! It goes under furniture, around each leg of chairs or tables, transitions from carpet to wood floors to rugs with no problem. You get a “virtual wall” that you set up for it not pass a certain point. When Roomba is done vacuuming your house, it goes back to the charger and charges itself!

Picks up dust and cat hair every day.

I'll tell you what really made an impression with me. Before, when we had carpet I would vacuum once a week. With the Roomba, I vacuum every day to every other day and am surprised of all the dust, dirt and oh yes…cat hair that it picks up every time. The other added benefit to this is I have found that I only have to dust about once a month. Now, irobot needs to invent a machine that will wash, dry, fold and put away the clothes (the human models aren’t doing a very good job).

Is it worth it? HELL YEAH!

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