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Saturday, February 04, 2006 Head still pounding but can at least sit up for a bit

I guess all those nasty germs didn't get my eviction notice. At least I can sit up today. This my friends is progress!

On to a different subject. I found out that, while I was sick, my youngest son asked my daughter if he could talk to her. They talked for 30 minutes. They aren't telling me what's up and that is KILLING me and my controlling personality. I asked him if the advice she gave was good and he said yes and it worked. Of course I grilled him letting him know that if someone was in danger or potentially going to get hurt, I had to know. He very calmly told me no, it's all good.

I know it's a good thing that he had someone to talk to. It's driving me crazy that it wasn't me. I didn't have anyone that I could confide in so I kept everything inside and handled all situations myself. Maybe one day I'll know what happened. For now, I'll have to sit here and stew knowing that continually asking what was wrong would not be a good thing.

Ah, the teenage years......

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