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Monday, May 29, 2006 A Little Update!

This is almost a drunken post...

We both agree that the margaritas were much better this time compared to the ones we made with found ingredients (those were just plain bad!).

2 of us are still loosing weight.
1 of us has got her house on the market (anyone interested in moving to Cypress?).
1 of us has a second interview (keep sending good vibes).
1 of us can't spell for sh*t.
2 of us are to meet with hunky trainer "Antonio" (see Carrie we've got ours)
1 of us is having a birthday this week (20 ummmmm ????)
1 of us is off for the summer.
1 of us is ready to send hubby and son off to camp (for a week....oh yeah baby!)
1 of us had couscous for the first time (interesting...but I do like to know what I'm eating).
2 of us are thinking about podcasting again....stay tuned!
2 of us have awsome husbands.

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