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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 A Martha Moment

Of course both families got together for the holiday. Not necessarily for the holiday but to help Sheri and James get their house ready for the market. Sheri knows she just has to call Big G and say "I'll make you some brownies" and he is there with bells on.

The Assignments:

James: Painted the bathroom:

Sheri: Cleaned and cooked (her OCD really helps with the cleaning, I was impressed...not to mention she is a faboulous cook and we all know about her margaritas). We would have taken a picture of the kabobs after they were cooked...but we ate them before we remembered to get out the camera:

Pantry Before

Pantry After

Can you believe this woman's pantry? I actually used to have my cans all lined up, catagorized and stacked untill I saw the movie "Sleeping with the enemy". After that, forget it!

Big G: Changed out the faucet in the powder room.

SuZan: Camofauged the torn wallpaper with paint and glaze.

(don't tell Sheri but I was shocked about how well it turned out)

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