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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 A Great Offer For You

I don't want anyone to miss out on this. This is a deal beyond your imagination. It's such a good deal that, well, its free. In fact, I may pay you!

What is this deal you ask? I have one 16 year old daughter that comes complete with attitude, hormones, drivers license AND boyfriend! Oh, and that's not it. Should you order today, you get a complete week of PMS! That's right! And all for free! A self addressed stamped box will be included for you to ship her back when she's 18; or 21; or married!

Ugh! I swear we have to go through these teenage years so that sending them off to college, or on their own, or where ever is easier than if they were darling little angels that never complained, argued, yelled, screamed, threw a temper tantrum, etc. Yup, sounds pretty much like the terrible twos. Except, this is the terrible 16's. Not a girl, not yet a woman! Right now I'm experiencing that sensation that you get when your 9 mos and 2 weeks pregnant....... and it's August......... in Texas! You fear the pain of labor, but anything is better than the state you're in!

Someone, anyone, please tell me it gets easier. Please!

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