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Friday, September 01, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!

TGIF! OMG...I am so glad it is Friday! Kristine just had to go and make us think this week about our sacrafices but kept it random and odd as always. This week she wants us to show her pictures of:

1. Show your Support (everyone supports something right?)
2. Show me your sacrifice (everyone makes them right?)
3. Something red.


I support these guys as much as I can. My husband and I have been Scout leaders for 11 years (cub scouts and boy scouts) and it has truly been rewarding. The biggest thrill is remembering a boy back when girls were yucky and seeing him make Eagle Scout. Now if my flesh and blood would turn in his Eagle Scout paper work to the district, I could relax.


This one is tough. All though it is a given that if you have children you make sacrifices, I really don’t feel like I have given anything up. No we do not have the baddist car, the largest house; but I love my family, love my home and don’t feel I have sacrificed a thing. Ok…well maybe manicures.


I am so brain dead that all I could come up with are the blooms off my fire bush plant. It is in a little shock right now since I just planted it, but I figure it will look pretty and bushy (pardon the pun) in a couple of weeks.

So tell us…did you play?

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