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Sunday, September 03, 2006 Texas High School Football!

Can you feel it?
Can you smell it?

Like every year it is back with a vengeance! Our boys had their first game Saturday night and it was a blast. They had their first game in our new Stadium (holy cow batman, place is huge); second, I don’t think they have the pressure that they did last year as our team is not even ranked this season (oh yeah…but we won; and beat the #15 ranked team 21-6).

I was so thrilled when Big G told me to set my camera to “sports”. The pictures came out pretty darn good. You see, last year I kept clicking but every single photo came out blurry. They were so bad that Big G kept telling me to stop Margarita consumption before games (cute).

So here we have our new Stadium! Now when they started construction of this facility I was not happy about it. You see at the time, our legistators couldn't do their job because of partisan politics and could not agree on school funding (three special sessions held at the cost of taxpayers...oh about 2.6 million per session). So, my son ended up not being able to get text books in some of his classes during the year, but... our tax dollars were building this...yeah...I was pissed.

As it turns out, the plans for this facility are more than just High School Football. It is a revenue producer for the school district. The plan is to lease it out for concerts and other venues. I have also heard that if our community college (next door to the stadium) is able to change to a 4-year college, then they also would lease the stadium for their football games, etc.

This is Sheri's son M (#50) getting a drink after a job well done!

Here is my son G2 (#60). He shot up over the summer and is now probably the thinnist lineman. Funny is we can always spot him among the masses. See how he is "hanging on his shoulder pads?" He has been doing that since 4th grade.

Takin' care of business!


Go Bobcats!

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