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Wednesday, February 07, 2007 It's Someone's Birthday Today!!!!!!

It's someones birthday today!!! I'll give you some hints and you try and guess who it is.


Someone who puts up with my crabby moods - frequently
Someone who lifts me up when I'm down
Someone who takes care of me when I'm sick
Someone who loves animals as much as I do
Someone who accepts my children as his own
Someone who is a self proclaimed Geek and is proud of it
Someone who told me I could quit and be a kept woman
Someone who eats my cooking even when it's not edible
Someone who buys me Coach bags just to see me smile (love this)
Someone who, although is not a cartoon character is a character non-the-less
Someone who I love and admire
Someone who completes me

Did you figure out who? That would be my husband, Mr. JKOnTheRun! I love you baby! Enjoy your day!

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