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Sunday, June 04, 2006 A Good Time Was Had By All!

So tell me why, when you’ve enjoyed the evening and go to bed after 2 am, wake up at 4:30 am feeling fine just a little tired (so you decide to go ahead and go back to bed), then wake up at 8:30 and feel like sh*t?

Girly night was fun as always. We feasted on fajitas (both chicken and beef) and they were delicious, perfectly complemented with Sheri’s margaritas. Carrie (Mercedes’ favorite human) brought her a fresh supply of cat crack. Mercedes then proceeded to ignore all of us and concentrate on opening her packages (yet again, she flunks hostess 101).

We celebrated Sheri’s birthday because you know that we like to celebrate (because it is what we do). I couldn’t resist getting the ‘princess’ paper plates for the cake when I was at the dollar store, they just screamed out Sheri’s name (and she appreciated it too). We also had some goodies for Carrie and her feline babies (can you say ‘feathers’, her mousers are going to love them).

We briefly discussed the Blow Out in Dallas this fall, and it took a whole two seconds to agree that we would all ride up together. Carrie dished the dirt on her most recent vacation trip (boy are we going to be looking for a post). The worlds’ problems were solved last night and we were so engrossed that we forgot to take pictures!

After everyone left I started cleaning up and tried to carry too much (yes folks I do know better), dropped a bowl on my left big toe. Last night I dreamed my toe fell off.

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