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Friday, June 02, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!

The lovely Kristine over at Random & Odd, has had a rough month, but she still is able to give us our assignment for SPF. This week we are to take pictures of:

1. Something ‘Sparkly’
2. Something ‘Dull’
3. Something ‘Colorful’


This would be the sparkle reflected in the wood floors. This picture is from Christmas and I loved the way the lights “sparkled” when reflected on them. This by far has been my most favorite “home improvement” project that Big G and I completed.


I think a butter knife is pretty dull (at least it is if your trying to cut a big ole Texas sized steak). I actually owe Big G for this clever idea because I couldn’t think of a darn thing.


This wonderful piece of artwork came from my son. He was in fifth grade (2000) when he painted his interpretation of his pet Lewi the lizard. The damn thing is still alive only much bigger (about 50")!

Did you play?

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