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Thursday, June 01, 2006 Guess Who’s Having a Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday Sheri!

Today she is officially 30-something (I’ll let her comment as to how old she is). She is an inspiration to all. Mother of three teenagers (God help her), wife to James. I wanted to share some Sheri Facts with you today to celebrate (and we all know how much we love to celebrate).

She is a great cook (really, she is)
Handy woman, I think she has even surprised herself.
Even when she is stressed, she will take on one more project.
Regrets nothing, moves on and learns from her mistakes.
Inspiration to her daughter.

Friend for life!
Attentive to everyone’s needs.
Can make a margarita blindfolded and one hand tied behind her back.
Takes care of whatever needs to be done.
Sentimental and superstitious.

Seriously, sometimes we come across as full vested members of the mutual admiration society but our friendship is real. As her friend I can tell you that she is always there for you. I tend to be a bit rebellious (who me?), she will always bring me back to reality. So Happy Birthday Sheri, my wish for you is that you go spoil yourself silly.

BTW: Everyone keep sending her good job vibes, she has her second interview today too!

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